Announcement: Katz Gluten Free

What is Katz Gluten Free? Our favorite online store of gluten-free food for celiacs or gluten intolerant that you will find on the Internet. The one with the best products and the one with the best value for money.

Delicious and varied products, all suitable for celiacs, a wide variety for you to choose from. You can buy whatever you want without worrying about ruining your bigotry or that of your family or friends. They also make sure it’s dairy-free and nut-free. They are concerned with ensuring the health and well-being of their customers, you can buy your products with ease, choose your favorites without fear or know its ingredients.

Cakes, challah, cookies, muffins, strips, rugelech, breads, rolls, breads or pizza dough without gluten, the best gluten-free products you will find, without a doubt, at Katz Gluten Free

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