Belt Bro

BeltBro was invented as an alternative to uncomfortable belts that put pressure on the stomach, a new and revolutionary way of understanding the belt as an accessory, improving its usefulness and its practicality of use. A high-quality, sturdy and well-built product that works safely.

Forget the classic belts, increasingly complex to fasten with the annoying buckles that do not help the user anything and only offer complications. BelBro is the definitive answer.

Weighing only 2 oz, BeltBro can be opened and closed in seconds, making it as easy as possible to use, thanks to its perfectly studied design.

Included with your order are 1 small (10 «), 1 medium (13») and 1 large (16 «) BeltBro Titan that allow you to choose the correct size for the space between your belt loops on one side of your pants. In this way, whatever your size and the design of your pants, you can always use BeltBro without problems.

What is it made of?

It is made of a soft elastic fiber band with nylon and polyester, integrated in an industrial strength design. It is extremely resistant and light, the perfect material for this type of accessories.