Lici Fit

Since 2017, LiCi Fit is a sportswear brand created by personal trainers and very involved in the fitness industry, who knew or perfectly the real needs of women who practice fitness or other sports and at the same time worry about doing it dressed with style and above all, comfortable sportswear.

Sportswear with original designs, good prints and that will fit perfectly to the curves of the fierce types of women who practice fitness. A sector in which low quality, high prices and poor finishes are the most common, and in which it is difficult to find products that are really worth it.

After a long and deep investigation of the competition, different manufacturers and designers, as well as fabrics, in 2017 they finally launched into this great adventure with a first collection of sportswear that they sell through their online store.

Why Lici Fit?

They offer sportswear with spectacular and original designs, which denote the effort that has been made to achieve designs that really favor the woman who wears them, and especially some fabrics that allow adjusting to curves while allowing total mobility when performing the trainings.

A brand committed to inspiring women to play sports, feel good about their bodies and themselves.

Lici Fit




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