Neje offers technology related to laser machines, with a wide variety of catalogs and spectacular prices.
Whether you are a small business, a school or a hobbyist, we have the laser machine to meet your needs. From laser engraved dog tags to directional signs and awards, your laser machines are designed to do it all, at all levels and always meeting high quality standards.

What Neje Offers?

Pixel-level restoration design

The advanced complex processing technology completes the engraving and cutting multi-layer process at one time through the layer setting, and 100% of the lightburn adaptation is completed, and the performance of the control system is even higher than the actual ability of the lightburn software. .
Cloud support & Offline control

The pixel accuracy of NEJE Machine can be adjusted freely (the default is 338 pixels per inch, about 0.75um of pixel accuracy) to ensure the image quality is delicate and accurate.

Multi-layer control in one step

A new idea can be opened in just 10 seconds without the computer. Store frequently used files directly in the mobile phone, mobile APP file management and constantly updated NEJE cloud picture service, provide more creative inspiration and content materials.

Undoubtedly one of the reference online stores in the laser tools sector, thanks to its wide variety of specialized products, the quality of its materials, and the low prices it offers. It does not matter if you are a large company or just a hobbyist who wants to make laser engraving or cutting at home, Neje offers products for everyone. Thanks to the different models and sizes that it offers, it is able to offer its technology to all types of users, and thanks to the support they offer they make it easier than ever when using their products.