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Who are R.W.FLAME

R.W.FLAME has been manufacturing fireplaces for more than 20 years, and has been at the forefront of the industry thanks to its capacity for innovation and its efforts in product development.

With great success, they have been improving and creating new, more advanced and efficient products that have made them surpass the competition and become the benchmark online store in the market. Of course, all the products that you offer in your online store fully comply with the electrical safety standards of the US and Europe. Quality, innovation and development are the great values of this leading company.

What does R.W.FLAME offer?

They offer in their online store numerous appliances of the highest quality and efficiency, such as electric fireplaces, inserts, wine refrigerators, ice makers and other refrigerators, and also home appliances such as air friers or patio heaters. They have more than 500 Employees working for them, and 6 huge warehouses in USA & Canada that allow them to have a large stock.

10,000 + Customers have successfully purchased and this has earned them a deserved fame throughout the world.

You can also buy their products on Amazon, but we recommend that you do it directly in their official store, since you will get a better price and above all, a better customer service treatment and they will send it directly to your home from their facilities.

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