Clotstudio offers in its online store canvas backgrounds with spectacular and quality designs, to use in your photographs, both professionally and amateurishly. They make their backdrops to any size, but when the width and height are more than 8 feet, we are unable to roll the shipment. Custom painted backgrounds are specific to the needs of each client and the price is determined by the size of the background, so it will depend on your needs.

The backgrounds they offer are authentic works of art in themselves, authentic wonders that will take your photographs to a new level!

They produce a large number of hand painted canvas backdrops for photographers around the world. The material they use for their backgrounds is thick canvas, it is very durable of high quality, with an incredible finish. Painted by hand, they are created with the utmost attention to detail and with a very high quality (something very important to make them look good as a background for photographs).









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