“Well, used this now for 45 days and now just running out. So, expect about same length of usage. I will say my skin feels amazing. However, I have sun damage and am 55 year old male. My face looks horrible (like surface of Jupiter) sun spots and dry skin and just plain bad. This stuff helps out big time. Now it hasn’t gotten rid of the sun spots. It’s diminished them a tad. Now my skins texture and smoothness is wonderful. You have to use this 2-4x a day especially in the drier winter time. If you have nice skin snd under 30 you will look amazing. Anyone over 40-50 like me. Just expect ok results. I am sure it will take time to improve. I will keep using this even though I am broke. I will say now I wear a mask and cover my eyes and head. I wonder should I even care anymore. Either way I guess I will continue to use this. The minute you stop using it. Back to the ugly look. So keep that in mind. Hope this helps.”

“I have been using this product for 2 months and have been totally amazed. I have always been told that I look older than I am, except for the past few months since using this serum….I have gotten carded every time I buy wine (never happens), and have left several people amazed when I reveal my age, assuming I am years younger. I have noticed a HUGE difference, myself. My pores are smaller, my skin is completely clear and I have an overall glow. Even the beginnings of a turkey neck have all but gone away! I have tried every stem cell serum on the market, have spent thousands of dollars on fillers, micro-needling, etc., and have received, by far, the best results with this product and in a relatively short amount of time. I am completely sold, and will be adding this product to my permanent skincare routine. Also, I have had both day/night serums for a little over two months using both once a day, two pumps (as directed), and have not run out yet. Therefore, it seems like 340 dollars is a lot, but it lasts over two months so is totally worth it! I was using a similar stem cell product called Procell that cost a little over 200 dollars for a 1 month supply….the Life Line products work SO MUCH better (did not notice any difference while on Procell), and is much cheaper if you do the math. My advice to you is to try this and give it a couple of weeks to work it’s magic….this is the best and only thing I have found on the market that has produced the results promised.”







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