Dominican designer Miguelina Gambaccini was inspired by her passion for traveling the world.

Frustrated by the lack of beautiful, packaged labels for her own travels, she launched a branded collection in 1998 that combined her free-spirited, bohemian aesthetic with a nomadic sensibility.

She did not know that Miguelina would become the first luxury clothing brand for women dedicated to travel. Today, Miguelina’s signature white lace gowns, caftans and jumpsuits are synonymous with the international aesthetic of high society.

In her online store you will find dresses, tops, jumpsuits… all kinds of garments with original and unique designs. Great variety of clothing for all ages and shapes. This online boutique has a wide range of clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. for all needs.
The prices are very reasonable and with frequent discounts it makes everything quite cheap.

Miguelina’s connection with nature has also inspired her to continually develop the brand. In 2015, she partnered with Oceana, the world’s largest marine charity, to raise awareness for conservation. Miguelina regularly works with non-profit women’s cooperatives and artists around the world to create meticulously crafted, timeless pieces that support the community and sustainable lifestyle of Miguelina’s daughter.









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