The Nanit Sleep System is a smart baby monitor billed by the company as «part baby monitor, part baby translator, part sleep guru» and «the most advanced baby monitor ever.»

By «smart» the company means that Nanit not only monitors your child while they sleep, but analyzes their sleep patterns using machine learning to determine the quality of sleep they got.

Nanit Pro also has an updated app experience and some extra features like baby measurement (you need Nanit’s «Smart Sheets» crib sheets of course for this to work, but hey, you need Nanit’s crib sheets). anyway), and a surprisingly adorable ‘smart memories’ feature that creates a virtual scrapbook of your babies’ growth and moments.

The picture and sound quality is simply outstanding. Nanit’s HD camera, combined with a retina display quality smartphone, provides truly excellent live video streaming quality. Even when zooming in, very little image pixelation occurs.

  • Sharp camera quality (up to 1080p) and night vision
  • Tracks breathing and growth
  • Excellent app
  • Built-in night-light

The experience of being relatively far away from Calvin and seeing a crisp, clear image was so unexpected compared to other baby monitors I’ve used that it was a constant positive surprise. Similarly, the sound quality, produced by Nanit’s highly calibrated microphone and speaker on my phone (I used my iPhone 12 for testing) produced extremely clear sound.

Furthermore, nanit offers unlimited range. It’s all advantages!









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