is a Canadian company that offers its services in the pet supply industry. It does so through its online store, from which it offers its customers numerous products related to pet food and care.

The company

With over 40 years of experience, they provide pets with everything they need to lead healthy, happy and active lives. They offer in their online store pet food, treats, toys and accessories, at competitive prices. In addition, as experienced experts, they offer all their knowledge to help you and advise you when making your purchases.

In addition, they have raised more than $17 million for local animal rescues, shelters and charities and hold adoption events that have found homes for more than 32,000 pets.

Their website

The online store is easy to use and offers the user an intuitive and satisfying experience when it comes to finding the products they need and carrying out their purchases. A company to trust when looking for pet care products, with good prices, excellent customer service and a good reputation.








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