Silk Maison

Silk Maison uses luxurious premium silk to produce current, modern and spectacular fashion designs that will make you feel special and good about yourself.

Its designers work creating and making special every detail of each garment, and they leave nothing to chance. Everything is perfectly designed, thought and manufactured to create price and spectacular fashion with exquisite designs. They inspire the best of the world of fashion to create special and unique garments that are a wonder to the eyes and to the touch.

But in addition, they adjust the prices of their products in a transparent way in order to use fair prices for their buyers, who know that they pay a correct price for the Silk Maison garments.


What does Silk Maison offer?

Silk Maison offers in its oline store the best fashion collection made of luxurious silk on the market. Whether they are spectacular dresses of unique and incredible designs, such as jumpsuites, blazers, shorts and pants …

In addition, the pachaging in which they deliver their products is spectacular: embroidered with their distinctive rose gold logo in a pearl white finish, the case is lined with a rose gold film. A luxury at the height of the spectacular fashion it contains!

Silk Maison