Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy is a plush behavioral aid toy from SmartPetLove designed to help anxious dogs calm down. It can be purchased from their online store

It’s shaped like a dog, so your pup can have a comfy best friend, and it comes with disposable heating packs and a battery-powered heartbeat simulator that you can place inside. A furry dog-shaped stuffed animal with a small pocket to insert the provided battery-operated «heart» (with an on/off switch).

The heart has 2 options: continuous and timed. I only used the timed method but apparently the batteries will last 2 weeks if left on continuously. I have yet to need to replace the batteries. That’s pretty exceptional if you need to leave your pup alone for longer periods during the day.

According to SmartPetLove, the warmth and heartbeat are supposed to create a sense of intimacy for your nervous pup, which will comfort him, help him sleep, and even prevent him from barking or whining.








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