TePe is a private Swedish company founded in 1965, which was born with the aim of raising awareness about preventive dental care, interdental cleaning and the connection between oral health and general health.

Tepe offers in its online store a huge and varied catalog of interdental brushes, toothbrushes, spikes and special brushes for oral health care, and is used daily by consumers and dental professionals in more than 80 countries around the world.

Our brand must be a true quality experience, today and in the future. All design, development and production takes place in Malmö, Sweden, and they strive to offer the best and most innovative designs for oral health and hygiene products.

Their website

It is a very clean, easy-to-use and intuitive online store that offers the user and potential buyer a very satisfactory experience.

In addition to numerous products for sale, you will find advice on oral care, and how to care for and protect your teeth, gums and mouth in general, including useful video tips.









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