There are several brands of dog DNA tests on the market; The one with the best reputation and the largest number of satisfied customers is Embark. It is the most accurate and provides more data in your study.

They will show you:

  • A genetic breed results breakdown section
  • Genetic stats
  • Other similar dogs
  • A breakdown by chromosome

How does the process work?

Part 1: Obtaining a Dog DNA Sample

Before you can find out your dog’s racial ancestry, you must submit a DNA sample. For humans, that means spitting into a little tube.

For dogs, it’s basically the same, but since I haven’t met any dogs that can spit on demand, you’ll need to collect the saliva sample via a cheek swab.

Don’t worry, it’s easy and completely painless.

After collecting the sample, you put it in the provided envelope and mail it (it’s self-addressed and postage is prepaid, so there’s no need to go to the post office).

Part 2 – Wait until you are notified that your sample has been analyzed

Embark will email you and let you know when your dog’s sample has been received. They will then email you once the sample has been processed and the results are ready!

  • Tests for 350+ breeds and 190 genetic problems
  • Provides genetic age estimat
  • Excellent packaging
  • Postage included
  • One account works for multiple kits










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