Siligrams gives you the ability to make your own custom ice and show the world what is possible with custom ice. An original product with which to give a unique and different touch to your ice creams and surprise your guests.

Have you ever thought of having your monogram, logo or a slogan on an ice cube? Add a personal touch to a great product.

It is a durable product, highly flexible and designed to withstand decades of use. Siligrams platinum silicone remains soft and pliable even when frozen. That means getting the cubes out is wonderfully easy.

Everyone uses ice, but that lame stuff you pull out of plastic ice trays or even the ice maker in your freezer melts way too fast.

Instead of putting a few half-melted crescent cubes into your drink, imagine a large, dense, chiseled cube formed into the perfect size to minimize melting while making your drink look spectacular. With your logo or the symbol you prefer, in the glasses of all your guests!









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