Lofaris Backdrop

Lofaris is a global online retailer of photographic backgrounds for weddings, birthdays and any other event. Lofaris sells its products and services in the category of photography backdrops for photo studios, mainly including backdrop stands and party photo booth props. Personalized Backdrops for Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Christmas, Halloween, Back to School or Graduation.

It offers its products to consumers around the world by sending orders to their homes. Lofaris offers the best prices on the market, the most complete range of sizes with personalized designs and a wide variety of original options.

Lofaris has our own background factory. It has been specializing in the production of backdrops and accessories for 3 years, with 10 employees, professional designers and technicians. They use high quality materials and the best equipment to become the reference brand in the sector.

Their products stand out for their superior quality and reliability from the manufacturer and their low and competitive prices every day.

Lofaris Backdrop








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