Wunderkeks was founded in 2012 in Guatemala City with the idea that children’s joy is a value to defend. Their mission statement is to «nurture the inner child.»

Settling in Austin, Texas in 2018, the business grew into an Austin staple at farmers markets. Wunderkeks gained national attention after SxSW 2020, when the event’s cancellation prompted the company to seek help selling the 20,000 cookies they made, and social media influencers came to the rescue!

Wunderkeks is an LGBTQ-owned online cookie bakery by co-founders Hans and Luis, and after a year and a half in the US, the cookies have built quite a reputation, so they are now shipping nationwide.

Their cookies and brownies are baked in a kitchen rather than a factory, and they taste vastly superior to similar products made industrially, without the necessary love and care.

Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles and Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip, the «Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever», the «Everything Cookie» and the «Inside Out Chocolate Chip Cookie» are some of their most popular products.

In addition, they offer gluten free products for celiacs. And if you want to make a special gift, you can use one of their fantastic gift cards! 15% off your first order!









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