Bissell was inadvertently conceived in 1876 when Melville R. Bissell and his wife, Anna, were looking for a more efficient way to clean [...]

Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy is a plush behavioral aid toy from SmartPetLove designed to help anxious dogs calm down. It can be purchased from their [...]

nude envie Offers in its online store a line of elegant make-up products from the nude range, of excellent quality and highly appreciated [...] is a Canadian company that offers its services in the pet supply industry. It does so through its online store, from [...]


At Myoblox, they pride themselves on being the most exclusive premium supplement brand on the market. Every ingredient is diligently sourced from around [...]


Soffe is a mid-sized fashion retailer that operates the e-commerce site and offers customers athletic apparel and workout clothing. Soffe Apparel is [...]

Maddafella is the definitive clothing and accessories store for those looking for fashion with a beach style, for lovers of the sea and [...]

The Bouqs

The Bouqs Co. creates unique and sustainable artisan arrangements for you. With more than 171 thousand followers on Instagram, they offer arrangements for [...]

Founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Scot and Jacq Tatelman. STATE manufactures and sells bags, totesand back packs. STATE is a [...]