Puzzle Master

Puzzle Master is a Canadian distributor of a large collection of puzzles, brain teasers, brain teasers, puzzle rings, trick locks, boomerangs and chess sets etc. It offers numerous varieties of puzzles through its puzzlemaster.ca online store, and you can select puzzles based on their difficulty thanks to a very useful color code that they include in the side menu of their website.

But don’t just think about flat and boring puzzles of a lifetime: they offer 3D puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, puzzles made of wood, metal or any other material, puzzle boxes… everything you can imagine!


The origins of Puzzle Master

The company started because of owner Allan Stein’s interest in collecting wire puzzles. He collected these puzzles for a few years before considering making them himself. After discovering that he could do the puzzles effectively, he thought, «Why don’t I try to sell some of the puzzles at skill shows and see if there are people who like them as much as I do?» At skill shows, he found that people just liked puzzles, but loved them too. Talent shows were the first place Puzzles Master marketed these puzzles.

Their website

Its online store has a classic design, perhaps somewhat outdated, but it perfectly fulfills its function of helping the user to find what he is looking for and to be able to acquire it in a simple, fast and intuitive way. It does not offer a spectacular design but it is useful in its objective.

Puzzle Master








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