Founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Scot and Jacq Tatelman. STATE manufactures and sells bags, totesand back packs.

STATE is a medium-sized bag operated bthrough Born in Brooklyn, STATE offers a collection of bags aimed at all ages and styles, with stylish designs and quality and resistant materials. They have a wide catalog of backpack and bag designs to choose from.


They allow the option of customizing your bag, simply adding:

  • initials
  • symbols
  • patches

You can create your personalized, unique, original and fun backpack!


Their products

The designs are incredible, and super cool. Especially the backpacks are spectacular! And the fact that you can customize them, an addition that makes them even better. The materials are excellent which makes them durable over time, and are fabricated in China.

In addition, in each product they offer information on the size and materials of each one, and the information on «What Fits» of each bag is very useful. With the «Features» filter you can select the backpacks or bags that allow you to put different objects such as tablets. They even offer backpacks and bags with materials that respect the vegan philosophy.

Their website

And the website? It is beautiful, with a good design and easy to use, it offers the user an intuitive and satisfactory experience when viewing the catalog of backpacks and bags, and making purchases.

But STATE’s mission goes beyond selling cool, classic bags. Tey seek to meet the immediate needs of America’s children living in difficult circumstances. That’s why, for every bag sold, STATE delivers one to an American child in need at its bag giveaway rallies. A solidarity initiative that really makes a difference and that honors them as a company that cares about the world and the people. Everything through their #GIVEBACKPACK program.

In conclusion

They offer excellent backpacks and bags, with excellent materials and designs, with the addition that with your purchase you know that you are helping a person in need. All through a website with good design and functionality, easy to use and pleasant for the user.









  • Quality materials
  • Stylish. Cool designs
  • Solidarity with the most disadvantaged
  • Non-toxic materials

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